Artist: Abdullah Khan

Size: w26” x h39″ | Acrylic on canvas | 2019

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Destruction screams, but creation toils in silence.

Over 700 layers of semi-transparent pearl white and matte white went into making this piece. Very happy with how it turned out, it is quite possibly my best work yet, and the tightest as far as grid integrity goes as I was working with a tolerance of <1mm and it’s so satisfying when I get it right. Took several months to visualise and about a week to paint.
Made with inputs from my father, Syed Dost Mohamad Khan, whose name I proudly share and to whom I dedicate this piece. Without you, none of this would ever have been possible. To Fathers.

As a tribute to your timeless grace, wisdom, and insight, I give you the best of my ability. Your every action embodies the spirit of love and this mere painting attempts to simply capture some of its brilliance.



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